Fresh Yorkshire Milk

We currently bottle over 50,000 bottles of milk per week - of this about a tenth is skimmed milk, a fifth whole milk and the remainder semi-skimmed milk.  We also carton about 10,000 litres of milk in 2 litre, 2 pint, 1 pint and 1/3 pint cartons.

We wash an average of 11,000 glass bottles per day.  The bottle washing process takes about 20 minutes during which time the bottle is soaked, washed, rinsed and sterilised.  It then passes through an optical scanner to ensure that it is spotless.  Any dirty bottles are rejected and returned to the bottle washer.


After the scanner, the milk bottles enter the bottle filler, which will fill roughly 60 bottles per minute.  They then pass through the capping machine which seals the bottle with a foil cap.  The filled bottles are then checked before they are placed by hand into the crates.


The cartons arrive in sealed bags and are fed into the cartoning machine.  The cartoning machine fills the cartons and tightens a plastic screw cap on the carton.  The cartons then pass through the labelling machine and are checked before they are placed by hand into the crates or the shrink wrapping machine.


All the milk is stored in our onsite fridges at a temperature below 4˚C or delivered to offsite fridges ready for collection by the milkmen.