Fresh Yorkshire Milk


The herd produce approximately 210 calves throughout the year to ensure that we have a constant supply of fresh milk.  Of these, about a third will go on to join the herd, replacing some of the older cows and also increasing the herd.  The remainder are reared for beef.





Following the introduction of the robots, the way in which we feed our cows has changed.  The cows are now fed a combination of silage and 3 different concentrated feeds.


Each cow is now fed a diet specifically designed for her, based on her age, how long she has been milking, the amount of milk she is producing and when she is likely to calve again.


She has constant access to fresh water and silage and then the concentrated feeds are given to her in the robot when she decides to be milked.




Farm Diary

The cows and heifers are now out in the fields enjoying the fresh grass.  We now look forward to months of sun and rain (preferably more sun than rain!) to make sure that the grass is perfect for silaging.  In between silaging, we will be busy preparing a new barn for the cows to live in and applying the finishing touches to the robot building in order that we can accommodate visitors.